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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Peveril Solar on Ecohomes open day

There is a programme of visits to Ecohouses in the region, from 3rd-10th March.
Peveril Solar is one of the houses on the list and we are open on Sunday 3rd March at 2pm and 330pm. You need to book ahead by emailing or DNC at .

This is the leaflet by Everybody's Talking, who have arranged the event. It includes a succinct explanation of the technology. Peveril Solar is the first house in the UK to be entirely solar heated all year round.Although the official time is 3rd March, you might be reading this after that date, but please be assured, that visitors with a serious interest in Solar Earth Charging are welcome at any reasonable date, by first emailing the DNC address above. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Energy saving schemes and events

Looking into ways of making your home more energy efficient and cheaper to run?

If you live in West Bridgford and your home is heated by an old gas boiler, see the post below for details of a scheme which may interest you.

If you are looking for inspiration or information about a range of energy saving options, why not go along to an open house event and see what other home-owners have done? Details on our local open home day (3rd March and additional dates now added) are given in the second post below, together with links to regional and national open homes events in the same month.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Open Homes, March 2013

As part of regional and national open homes events in March, 3 houses in West Bridgford will open their doors to visitors. If you want to take part, click here to register your interest, see which homes are open and when, and to request a booking.

The oldest, built in the 1890's, was a G rated house before it was turned into the "Nottingham Eco Home". Full details can be seen here.

The next, a typical 1950's house of solid wall construction, has been extensively refurbished and now approaches the new Passivhaus Refurbishment (EnerPHit) standard. Further details can be seen here and here.

The youngest house on the list was built in 2006, and the owner was able to dictate above average levels of insulation as it was built. This house uses solar energy to match its entire annual heating and hot water requirements. For more details, click here.

If you live in or near to Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, a diverse range of events running in early March will be listed here:

And later in March, it is national Superhomes Week, when homes all over the UK will open their doors. Look for events running near you on