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Origins of the Eco House Group

The Eco House Group came into being due to the interest generated by the Eco House Open Day in May 2010 which was organised as part of the Transition West Bridgford Summer Gathering. A total of about 70 visits took place in the houses which were open on that day.

The open day was organised by Karina Wells, Tim Saunders, David Nicholson-Cole, Tina Holt, Sarah Jamieson and Sally Thornton. Seven West Bridgfordians opened their homes and gardens to members of the public who signed up with the Energy Saving Trust to see local houses displaying eco-features ranging from solar PV to rainwater harvesting and external insulation to veg plots and chickens.

The Eco Houses blog was set up by Karina Wells to display the Eco Houses on show that day and has been extended to include the on-going activities of the Eco House Group. Credit for the regular updates and interesting articles must largely go to David Nicholson-Cole and Tina Holt.

Inspired by the success of the Eco House Open Day in May 2010 (see origins of the Eco House Group), Tina decided to set up the Eco House Group.  The idea behind forming the group was to find fellow eco-retrofitters embarking on projects small and large to share information and for a bit of company along the way!