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Case Studies

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We invite you to contribute case studies to this website!

You don't have to have a complete Ecohouse to be here... you only need to have done things to your house, installed technologies or even adapted your lifestyle in ways that are moving in the eco-direction. Case studies can include a bit of inspiring philosophy too! Will others be inspired by your example? If so, please contribute.

You can submit an article and photo about your house or garden or you - and we will add it to this site.
Send a draft or a final case study text to - this is not an academic website, so don't worry about spelling or technical jargon.

Examples are:

1. Prioritising your eco-refurbishment actions: Environmentally? Financially? Logically?

□   The low-cost and no-cost options
□   How to make the most of your house based on its existing features and orientation, through the seasons.
□   How hotter summers and other climate related trends may affect your house in the future
□   How future energy costs may affect you

2. Insulation, insulation, insulation: roofs, walls and floors.

□   Draught proofing
□   Attic, basement and garage conversions
□   Internal and external insulation
□   Cavity walls and loft insulation

□   Solving cold bridges

3. Green extensions, conservatories and sun spaces

□   Benefitting from solar gain
□   Too much sun and what to do about it
□   Windows and doors – solar gain and heat loss
□   Blinds, shutters and curtains
□   Environmentally friendly building materials and methods

4. Solar hot water, solar PV and wood-burning boilers and stoves

□   Feed in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentives
□   Is my house suitable?
□   How green is it really?
□   Is this your best option (financially? environmentally?)
□   Can you have them for free?

5. Heat pumps and Ventilation systems

□   Ground, air and water source heat pumps
□   Is my house suitable?
□   Passive and mechanical ventilation systems
□   Air quality, heat recovery and cooling

6. Build and refurbish to PassivHaus standard

□   What does it mean?
□   What’s involved?
□   Can it really be done?
□   What would it cost?