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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

If only we could see the heat escaping from our homes....

Well, you can of course see heat escaping from a house using a thermal imaging camera. Taking photos inside the house shows the cold spots where the cold gets in (i.e. heat is lost). From the outside, you see hot spots where escaping heat emerges.

In December 2013, Transition West Bridgford put in a bid for funding to buy a thermal imaging camera and now we are ready to use it!!

If you live in or around West Bridgford and think you might be interested in a thermal imaging survey of your home, get your name on the waiting list here. There's no obligation - this is just so we can contact those who are likely to be interested in a home survey or a community event showing the typical areas of heat loss.

We hope to carry out the visits in March (before the weather gets too warm).

For the full details, here's the press release:

E.ON’s Energy Action Fund powers Transition West Bridgford’s energy education

Community group, Transition West Bridgford, has been awarded a grant of £1,790 from energy company E.ON to promote energy efficiency across the local area.

The grant from E.ON will enable the organisation to purchase a thermal imaging camera, which will be used in free educational events for local residents. These workshops will help residents to understand how energy is commonly lost in the home and subsequently how this can be reduced, potentially resulting in lower energy bills.

Images from the camera will also be used in educational materials and online to raise as much awareness as possible across West Bridgford with the wider community.
The E.ON Energy Action Fund is part of the company’s commitment to helping local communities use no more energy than they need, benefitting both individual groups and the wider community.
Jake Jackson, Treasurer at Transition West Bridgford, said: “The funding received from E.ON will have a positive impact on the local community. The camera will not only be used to support educational events and materials, but also to carry out paid thermal imaging surveys for individuals and businesses.

“The funding raised through these surveys will provide long term support to Transition West Bridgford, enabling us to continue running the awareness raising events.”

Amy Cross, Senior Community Relations Executive at E.ON, said: “We’re really keen to support this project as it has the potential to educate many people across the community and the initial funding will help this to continue. We hope this will make a big difference to local people.”

For further information about Transition West Bridgford’s forthcoming Energy Saving Event or to find out more about the thermal imaging surveys, email or visit To find out more about how E.ON can help you save energy visit