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Wondering how to further reduce your energy bills? Have a look at the HOBBS report for a few ideas.

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In the West Bridgford Ecohouses group, we have Speakers at meetings, Experts who can advise, Transition members who have offered their houses for Open days, locally resident Installers of renewable technologies, Community organisers. Here are a few faces and biographies:
• Tina Holt is a key organiser of this West Bridgford Eco House Group and can be written to at Tina has a PhD in environmental science but went on to spend 10 years as a consultant and project manager implementing information systems for public and private sector organisations. She now runs her own business, Ecohousenet, offering energy saving consultancy for householders. She lives with Richard and their two children in a solid brick house that has undergone a major eco-refurbishment - it now uses about 7,000 kWh per year in electricity plus gas combined (down from 38,000 kWh as predicted by the Energy Performance Certificate rating for the house). 
• David Nicholson-Cole - lives in the house that you can see from Sharp Hill, encrusted with solar panels. He formed Rushcliffe Solar in 2010 to promote PV Solar panels and the Feed in Tariff. He also has a ground source heat pump (working from deep boreholes) and has developed an add-on solar panel system to pump solar heat into the earth. He has been at the University of Nottingham for a long time, and currently teaches the course in Sustainable Tall Buildings.
• David Hill - lives in East Leake, Rushcliffe and is the founder of Carbon Legacy, a versatile renewable technology system able to provide Solar PV, Ground and Air source Heat pumps, Solar hot water and Wind turbines.
Prior to that he was development director for Metropolitan Housing Association and had an deep interest in energy conservation for many years, resulting in the first carbon-zero house to be built by a housing association.

• Sean Stevenson - Westville (insulating) was set up in 1988 by Jon Stevenson, and his sons Sean and Ian now run this local family business.
To date, Westville has insulated over 150,000 properties from new build schools to 1 bedroom park homes (caravans) using most types of wall and loft insulation and a wide range of floor insulation options. In doing so, they have worked with all the local councils and many local builders.
• Karina Wells is a well known figure in West Bridgford, with her support and co-ordinating role in many activities such as Transition West Bridgford,West Bridgford Skills Exchange and Eco Teams to promote all aspects of sustainable living. She maintains the websites for many of these.
Karina has demonstrated over the last decade that sustainable living can be fun, enriching and fulfilling.
On her house she has a PV array of 15 panels, has solar thermal tubes, a SolarVenti box and a Wood burning stove. 
• Gil Schalom - is an architect, famous for having done just about anything 'eco' you could think of to a typical West Bridgford victorian semi, with his wife Penney Poyzer.

Others we will feature when we get some photos and Biographies: