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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Visions of a Zero Carbon Britain

Saturday 16th July was Zero Carbon Britain Day, and 50 people braved the rain to take part in the first event in our Eco Houses Under Construction series. However, there is a lot more to a zero carbon lifestyle than an ultra-low energy house. For an entertaining glimpse into what a Zero Carbon lifestyle might look like....

A play based on Zero Carbon Britain is available to BBC iPlayer. The play "Getting to Zero" features Paul Allen and Peter Harper (Centre for Alternative Technology) and also George Monbiot. The play was originally broadcast as one of Radio 4's Afternoon plays. To hear it click here

Houses to visit and useful info

As well as our next "Eco Houses Under Construction" event on Saturday 30th July (email if you want to come along), here are some other projects that may be of interest...

Here is a little summary of some useful information and visits that have been sent to me by other members of the Eco House Group.

Jerome sent me this link - it is something that Nottingham Energy Partnership has developed to support domestic refurb:

Ian has sent a link about some other low carbon houses to visit. If you don't mind travelling a bit, then the BRE open days may be for you:

To get a view of a high-tec future, look out for this development in the Derby area which is in the final stages of completion now. Once finished, the show home will be open to visitors:

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on our local Eco School's bid for funding

Hi All

We have been invited to apply for the next round. With your support Edwalton Primary is in the top 100 groups out of 939 registered. At 46th we are in the top 5% for number of supporters, well done!

The next round requires a written application detailing why the school should be included in the last 10. The application will be assessed by River Cottage, Friends of the Earth and British Gas.

The final round is a 2nd vote, only open to British Gas Energyshare tariff customers. I will not recommend that anyone switches to the Energyshare tariff, just to vote for Edwalton! The tariff may, or may not be the cheapest or greenest availiable, that is up to you to decide. If you are however an Energyshare customer should we make it to that stage your vote would be welcome :-)

With rising energy costs, if you are looking to cut your energy bills, the Nottingham Energy Partnership (the environmental charity I work for in my day job) has a totally free and independent online tariff switch tool, to help you find the lowest rate.

for round 2, with the panel of judges interests in food, energy and sustainability in general, the longstanding ethos of sustainablility and environmental education under the headship of Brian Owens, and the commitment of the staff students and wider school community; I think Edwalton stands a great chance!

I will keep you informed as to how we are doing and thanks again for your support so far.

Jerome Baddley
Parent Governor

To reply to this message, follow the link below:

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Eco Houses Under Construction – events 1 and 2

Interest in the first Eco Houses Under Construction event on 16th July is growing steadily, with over 30 places booked already. More places are available, and the events are free, so get in touch if you would like to take part. For the date and details of the second event, read on.

Event 1 reminder - Saturday 16th July at 12.30pm
This will give the architect’s perspective when designing an ultra-low energy refurbishment for a 1950’s brick house of solid wall construction.

Event 2 - Saturday 23rd July at 12.30pm DATE CHANGED TO 30th JULY
Architect Mike Siebert of Ecologic Homes Ltd. will talk about designing a low cost, high code new build using a timber frame construction. The frame arrives in early July and should be up by the date of the event! An expert from the building company, EcoFrames Ltd., will be on hand to demonstrate how this timber frame construction will provide insulation, air tightness and thermal mass while minimising cold bridging. The windows should also be in place and a representative of Benlowe Windows will talk about the properties of triple glazed windows suitable for use in Code 5+ homes. If the roof is on as well, there will be the chance to learn about wood fibre sarking boards and Sandtoft 20/20 sustainable tiles. To receive full details of this or any future event, email or

The Eco Houses Under Construction project is supported by Groundwork East Midlands with funding from Climate East Midlands, East Midlands Improvement and Efficiency Partnership and Communities and Local Government with a Growing Climate Friendly Communities grant.