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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Recycled building materials and furniture

If you are looking for traditional building materials, or trying to find a new home for old floorboards, tiles, bricks and the like, it's worth having a look on Salvo

Or if sustainable furniture is on the shopping list, there are a few options depending on your budget.
EatSleepLive is a Nottingham based company that sources an interesting range of furniture made from reclaimed wood (not necessarily very local). If local is important, the pine shop on London road (a short distance south of the BBC roundabout) has some pieces made from reclaimed wood.

If you have a more modest budget in mind, it's worth a look for second hand furniture in the Danish Homestore on Derby Rd or at the auction house. And of course there is Ebay, GumTree, ads in the local papers or the post office window…

And for no money at all, you can join Realcycle to give away things you no longer need or to request items for free - Happy Recycling!

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