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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on our local Eco School's bid for funding

Hi All

We have been invited to apply for the next round. With your support Edwalton Primary is in the top 100 groups out of 939 registered. At 46th we are in the top 5% for number of supporters, well done!

The next round requires a written application detailing why the school should be included in the last 10. The application will be assessed by River Cottage, Friends of the Earth and British Gas.

The final round is a 2nd vote, only open to British Gas Energyshare tariff customers. I will not recommend that anyone switches to the Energyshare tariff, just to vote for Edwalton! The tariff may, or may not be the cheapest or greenest availiable, that is up to you to decide. If you are however an Energyshare customer should we make it to that stage your vote would be welcome :-)

With rising energy costs, if you are looking to cut your energy bills, the Nottingham Energy Partnership (the environmental charity I work for in my day job) has a totally free and independent online tariff switch tool, to help you find the lowest rate.

for round 2, with the panel of judges interests in food, energy and sustainability in general, the longstanding ethos of sustainablility and environmental education under the headship of Brian Owens, and the commitment of the staff students and wider school community; I think Edwalton stands a great chance!

I will keep you informed as to how we are doing and thanks again for your support so far.

Jerome Baddley
Parent Governor

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