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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Michael and Mo’s low energy home – Part 5

Heating and hot water
On moving in, the 6 year old Worcester combi boiler was found to be a bit leaky, so was replaced in early 2011 with an ALPHA condensing boiler with gas saver unit (a tank that pre-heats the incoming mains water). 

These are linked to a 90 Litre solar thermal tank, heated by a flat solar thermal panel on the lower extension roof. When it is sunny, the solar thermal panel on the extension roof rapidly heats the water in the tank, cutting off if it exceeds 65oC.

The condensing boiler has good controls, and each radiator has adjustable (TVR) controls.
The boiler, tank + solar thermal panel were installed by ISR plumbing.

The 2.46 kW PV system with 10 panels was installed in June 2011. The inverter is in the loft space, where it needs to be to keep cool.  This was installed by TEAM UK Renewables of West Bridgford.

Still to do:
Much draught-proofing has been done, but there is some more to do before the MVHR is installed. The MVHR will be a partial (rather than whole house) system, supplied by Titon. A very low energy unit has just come on to the market and is due be installed in September 2011.The main focus is to extract stale & damp air from the kitchen and bathrooms, and deliver fresh air to the ground floor dining room.

Other outstanding tasks are the fitting of new floor with under-floor heating, to the dining room.
Investigation of ground water levels & consideration of extra rainwater storage for garden use only.

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  1. Can we have an update on the partial house MVHR?