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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Green Deal Consultation Events

The Greening Campaign invites us to get involved in "Greening the Green Deal". Your chance to make your voice heard.

For events across the country, go to: The Nottingham event will be in Radcliffe on Trent on the 10th December - follow the link above to book your place.

If you would like an easy to read summary of the consultation, email and one will be emailed to you.

Here is more information from Terena, founder of the Greening Campaign:

The Green Deal Consultation document has been released and can be found at
We are discussing this document and the issues surrounding it at events across the country and will be presenting a formal report to DECC early January.
Please see attached information.To book FREE seats at any of the events (and more information) please go to:
This is our biggest chance to reduce CO2 effectively and it would also create jobs and could bring communities together.  Lets make sure we get this right.  If you attend any meeting this month please attend one of these.  We need your brains to think this through.  The Green Deal team are attending many of the conferences and want to hear your thoughts.
With the Green Deal we can get massive energy efficiency moderations made to peoples homes without them paying for the work up front (in some tests energy use has dropped by 80%).  The electric bill will go down and a little more is added to pay back for the work – Brilliant!!  However, as always the small print can make a difference so lets at least read it!!  And then lets comment constructively to make this happen.
Please pass this to your contacts!!!
See you there – it is all FREE

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