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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Janet's water-saving information

One member of the Eco House Group has sent me some practical information about her experiences of fitting water-saving devices in her home.

An alternative to getting a new low flush loo, or using the simple brick or hippo in the cistern is to fit a variable flush device to the existing toilet.

Janet says 

"The variable flush device is called Interflush. It has a website:  
I also found the following:

It says a competent DIY person should be able to fit it, though I had a builder do it.  So far, there have been no problems with it, though I think the builder said it needed some careful adjustment. 

It appears to come in 2 versions: £14.95, with installation tools, and £12.95 without the tools (for the 2nd toilet you can use the same tools again).  We still have the box with the tools - If anyone wants to borrow the tools, they’d be welcome.  There is a screw driver, 2 other things that look like tools, plus what appear to be some parts that weren’t needed and the instructions.

We now also have a ‘grey water’ system for that toilet, which uses mainly rainwater water collected from our roof and drive.  (The plumber calls it grey water, as it could be contaminated, and has labelled all the pipes accordingly).  We have mains backup using a tank with 2 ball valves.  The plumber advised having the mains valve on a trickle to avoid things seizing up during long periods when not using it.  So far (since late Autumn) the stored rainwater has held out but I suspect we’ll need mains sometimes in the summer."

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