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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Race Is On: Free Insulation in 2012

The race is on to get your home insulated for free during 2012! Until the end of this year households in Rushcliffe (and elsewhere in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire) can take advantage of free loft and cavity wall insulation for their home regardless of their income, thanks to Warmstreets, the only insulation scheme endorsed by Rushcliffe Borough Council.

This time limited offer includes free loft insulation for any private household (owned or rented) that currently has less than or equal to 100mm, as well as free cavity wall insulation. Those who already have over 100mm of loft insulation can pay a subsidised price of just £99 to have it topped up to the recommended level of 270mm.

Sheila Hood, Community Energy Officer at Rushcliffe Borough Council, said:
‘This offer is better than free! Not only can we now install loft and cavity wall insulation without charging, but you will save money on your energy bills for years to come as your home will be easier to heat – up to £175 a year if you install loft insulation and £135 if you install cavity wall insulation. It will also reduce the impact of your home on the environment.’

She added a warning:
‘Free insulation is only possible due to government subsidies which are due to end in December 2012. After that we expect loft and cavity wall insulation to cost several hundred pounds. Take advantage while you can! Almost 400 Rushcliffe residents already have!’

Householders who are interested can call Warmstreets on 0800 043 9569, or if calling from a mobile, 0333 577 9569, to arrange a survey today. Alternatively, visit: Offers are subject to survey and depend on house size.

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