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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Another ultra low energy new build here in Nottinghamshire

How is it that here in the UK our new build standards match what the Germans were doing about 30 years ago in terms of energy efficiency? Surely the government could set the bar a bit higher? It is by no means impossible - individuals are quietly getting on with it and showing what can or should be done....

It's great to hear the experiences of others as they build or refurbish their homes, and make them energy efficient in the process. I met Roger in 2011. At that point he was planning the construction of his own home - with the Passive House standard as the target.

And now it is done, he's spent his first year in the house, and he has very kindly agreed to open his home and share his experiences with a limited number of visitors interested in low energy new build. (Just email if you would like to know more about that.)

Here are the vital statistics of the new house, in a village which is off-gas:
Built to Passive house standards using traditional materials
High Thermal mass (to maintain a more stable temperature, to soak up excess heat in summer)
`A` rated EPC
8.1 kw solar PV built into roof structure
No gas boiler , no ground scource heating  
Just a 3 kw immersion heater sufficient to keep the house at 21 degC through last winter.
PV also powers an electric car.
Rain water recovery.
Contemporary design detailing in a conservation village setting.

Some innovative construction details such as no strip foundations, house built on raft of insulation.
Precast concrete 1st floor.
SIPS panel roof.

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