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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Open Homes April 2015 - Home no. 9 (Patrick Road)

The ninth home taking part in this year's spring time Open Homes event is an 1890's semi on Patrick Road in West Bridgford.

This home was possibly the first radical refurbishment in the UK. The owners have around 15 years experience of living in their low energy home since the bulk of the refurbishment was done, and have made further adjustments over time. 

The work has included:

Insulated roof with ply webs and 300 mm cellulose insulation U value = 0.12
Insulated side and rear walls with external insulation (EWI) with 140 mm EPS and render finish U=0.23
Insulated floors with natural insulation (sheep’s wool and wood fibre board)
Newly rebuilt front bay (due to severe structural movement)
Refurbished interior and front of house following house fire in 2014
Insulated front wall with 100 mm internal insulation (IWI) U=0.2
Timber triple glazing including brand new sliding sashes and fully glazed front door
Solar thermal (tubes)
Wood boiler and heat store in cellar
Heat recovery through the wall fans
Energy and water efficient appliances
Rainwater harvesting and water management
Green oak and living roof structures in garden
Two different recycled kitchens (bespoke and low cost examples)
Second hand furniture
Natural paints

LED lights (first generation and latest)

This home is open on Sunday 26th April at 11am and 2pm 

And on Sunday 3rd May at 12.30pm

To book your free place, click here.

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