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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Energy Workshops Everywhere!

In addition to our own Homes Behaving Badly (HOBBS) workshops on 3rd and 10th March (see the press release and previous posts)...

...There are other FREE energy workshops and drop-in surgeries at local libraries around the City. These are run by Nottingham Energy Partnership - booking details are on the flyer. If you live in the City, it's a great opportunity to get good advice. And do spread the word!

The Homes Behaving Badly workshops will cover the free ways to save energy and the more "standard" energy saving improvements that can make your home more comfortable. It is amazing just how much of an improvement these simple things can make, and some of them are so often overlooked!

At the other end of the scale, the "solid wall" workshop on 10th March will also look at what it takes to turn a "hard to heat" house into a really low energy home. If you want a sneak preview, the refurbishment of one of our case studies can be followed on its own blog: The other case studies are a little less drastic! There are some very low energy refurbishment examples which involved similar disruption to standard home improvements (and a lot less in some cases).

Maybe see you at a HOBBS workshop very soon!

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